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YT Tracker helps you start earning on YouTube and track your channel progress over time. You will find easy ways to promote your YouTube videos and analyse your channel and content performance over time.

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YT Tracker will help take your YouTube Analytics and provide Insights that will help you grow your YouTube Channel by focusing on the key growth factors any YouTubers should have in mind: Get more YouTube views, increase watch time by keeping your viewers engaged and growing your subscribers.

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YT Tracker will help you reach YouTube monetization, and earn a living with your YouTube content.

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Grow Your YouTube Channel With YT Tracker

Discover some of the features that will help you drive more traffic to your YouTube content.


Monetization Tracker

Track your progress towards monetization to start making money with your YouTube Videos.


Monthly Reporting

The best way to grow on YouTube is to keep an eye on your YouTube Analytics on a monthly basis. YT Tracker’s monthly report feature will let you see at a glance how your channel is doing.


YouTube Widgets

Customize your Home Screen with the coolest looking YouTube widgets. Track your subscriber growht and promote your latest videos.


Video Insights

Understand what type of content makes your YouTube channel grow with video level analytics and insights.


SEO Optimization

Optimize each of your YouTube videos to increase your visibily in search results. Every small detail counts. YT Tracker will keep you accountable.


Audience Retention

The key to increasing your watch time is to look into how your YouTube videos retain viewers. YT Tracker can highlight the videos that were truly engaging.


Video Boost

Get more YouTube views by promoting your videos with YT Tracker’s suite of social media templates that will help keep your YouTube subscribers engaged.


Social Content Generator

For each viedeo your upload, YT Tracker will automatically generate tons of templates to help you promote it and get more views & watch time.


Year In Review

Every year, YT Tracker prepares your Year In Review. Imagine it being the Spotify Wrapped but for your YouTube Channel. Ready to celebrate your success with your subscribers?


YouTube Success Stories

YT Tracker regularly interviews successful YouTubers who are part of the YouTube Partner Program. Learn how to get monetized on YouTube from content creators who are just a few steps ahead of you is the best way to grow.


Your YouTube Coach

How to find success on YouTube? By constantly learning and improving your content quality. This is exactly what YT Tracker’s YouTube Coach features is here to do. Educate with a No BS approach with actionable insights you can leverage for your content.


Trends & Video Ideas

Identify trends early and find videos ideas that will get you more views on YouTube with YT Tracker’s topics tracking feature. Pick a topic relevant to your channel and get new video ideas every day.

Made with love by a YouTuber, for YouTubers.

Hey, I’m Ed, the developer behind YT Tracker. I have been working on YT Tracker since 2018, gradually adding features to help YouTubers track their progress, promote their videos, learn about SEO and grow on YouTube. It’s just me behind this project, not a big company harvesting your data. I hope you’ll love YT Tracker.

Boost your YouTube views and subscribers using YT Tracker!

Dive into real-time analytics and unlock your channel’s full potential, paving your path to rapid growth and sweet YouTube monetization.

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Eve Legacy

Perfect tool to grow on YouTube. Very nice for any YouTube Creator.

Eve Legacy
Knowing Samantha

I ab­so­lute­ly love this app it shows me the progress my chan­nel has made so far 🤗.

Knowing Samantha
Omega Knights

The new ver­sion is just so beau­ti­ful. Love the app, I use it every day to promote my videos!

Omega Knights

It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

Growing a YouTube is hard work, there are no shortcuts to success. YT Tracker will keep you motivated with useful insights to keep you focused on your goals.

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